Explore White Ranunculus, Purple Peonies, and more!


Ranunculus Picotee, a Peony-like flower with a lavender pink edge---soooo beautiful! This is what Sarah should use in her wedding boquet

Purple Persian Buttercup ~ Ranunculus | Longfield Gardens

Ranunculus Purple (Purple Persian Buttercups) - Royal purple roses have big - blooms – and a single bulb can produce dozens of flowers! They grow tall. Where winters are mild (zones plant ranunculus bulbs in Fall for early spring flowers.

Living a Simple and Blessed Life

Gorgeous ranunculus- pretty sure these are my favorite! Won't be getting married until I can afford to basically be swimming in these at my wedding.

Bursting Peonies...Mommy grew the most beautiful Peonies, I would pick them and pretend they were a wedding bouquet. http://eweddingssecrets.com/how-to-plan-your-wedding-on-a-budget.html

Great Groundcovers

peonies - these grew in our yard growing up, white, pink and dark pink. they were always in bloom for my birthday and my birthday dinner always included a bouquet of them. that smell is among my favorite things on earth!

"Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity.