• Sarah Caudill

    Good things #quote So true, without work you can wiat forever.

  • Lalunchis Punchis

    Good things come to those who... I love it!!!!! <3 it is so true. don't just sit on ur lazy bum in life because I can assure nothing good came easy. it takes time and hard work but in the long run its gonna be worth it.

  • CorefitX.com

    Good things come to those who work hard. Hard Work, Pays Off! ~ Ryan Nail #corefitx

  • Lindsay Cummings

    So true!! Words I live my life by

  • Daneira Mejia

    work ethic. True story!

  • Sophie Obin

    Good things... #WorkHard #NeverGiveUp #Words #True

  • Rachel Subler

    This quote really makesnyounthink! And its so true...having patience and no work ethic won't bring good things!

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We are defined by our actions towards others; not others' actions towards us.

this. is. so. true. to. life.

Norman Cousins (who wrote "Anatomy of an Illness) was diagnosed with a terminal disease. He got over it by looking at funny movies from his hospital bed, and lived many years longer. He eventually died of an unrelated illness.

"If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you're fooling yourself. That's like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn't eat him."

All good things are wild and free - love, explorations, summer, friendships and a lot more

the grass is green where you water it. quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons.

words to live by...

Soulful Sundays – real mysoulfulhome.com... via bHome bhome.us

Throw kindness around like confetti.

i do wish this!! it's what's on the inside that counts

So true.

Great quote - beautiful typography!

Dedicated to my friend, M, who discovered some "silver linings" this morning.l

Good tattoo idea

so true

You're not rich until you have something money can't buy. Family& True Love|Him

Wise Words

Determination- trying to be successful is all you can do.

loved you yesterday, love you still. always have, always will.

missing someone quote