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  • John Stevenson

    So...remember how embarrassed you were when you realized that your grandparents supported George Wallace? Now haters...imagine how your grandchildren will feel when they see your facebook posts about how gay marriage is "wrong" and all that shit. P.S.-George Wallace recanted later in life. Food for thought.

  • Kelsey Lumbard

    At one time, mixed race marriages were illegal. Then, over time, the country began to accept it and saw just two people in love and wanting to get married. These days, the idea of gay marriage is seen as "unacceptable." I just see two people in love and want to have the same marriage as everybody else and I think that almost every month we are hearing of a new state that allows gay marriage is proof of the tides changing and one day we will have equal rights for everyone.

  • Kat Schweitzer

    True. Story.

  • Hayley Mirek

    TRUTH! equal rights

  • Christie Fritsche

    this is so true. I'm all for gay marriage

  • Professor Singh

    (Social Movements) by J. Boettcher. The image illustrates how the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s parallels today’s Gay Rights Movement. Social change in the US is rather quickly leading towards more equality and basic human rights. The meme is funny because it may be difficult for someone right now to perceive the similarity.

  • Jesse Little

    Again this is another powerful image. It refers to the protests against civil rights in the 1960's and the protests against gay marriage today. What this meme is saying is that the people of today are going to look stupid in 40 years because gay marriage will probably be legal by then, just as the borders of racism are crumbling today as we have already elected an African American president.

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