Travis and Heidi- Calling You (Contemporary)

Jeanine and Phillip

Mia Michaels routine to "Gravity" danced by Kayla and Kupono on season 5 of SYTYCD. One of my favorite dances ever on the show even though it's sooo dark. It's about addiction, where Kayla is the addict and Kupono is addiction personified basically...and he does it so well, he's so wicked and cold and oppressive. Such a beautiful, sad dance.


This is one of the most beautiful dance videos I have ever seen. Alessandra Ferri, Sting music video

I ^Dance

Sail by Anita Zanelli - YouTube

Sasha and Twitch Misty Blue

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The blonde in front is the choreoghrapher, she is awesome... I wish i could dance like this!!!

so you think you can dance...?

contemporary dance photography - Google Search

You Have To Watch This Couple Dancing On A Subway Platform. Oh my goodness I love contemporary 0.0

Dance, Dance, Dance

I haven't danced in a long time but this is the most adorable dance I have ever seen!

Breathe Me Trio - YouTube

Polina Semionova...:O

So... you think you can dance?


Contemporary dance ♥ #ballet #dance