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Common Ingredient Substitutions Out of baking powder? Make your own with our substitutions guide.

10 Ways to Burn More Calories Right Now (ignore the ad, there were no pictures in this article)

10 Simple Stretches for Office Workers

Learn how to make your own fertilizer, and keep your garden green without spending a lot of green. Here are several great homemade fertilizer recipes to try:

AWESOME website. Source to recipes from all kinds of different sites. You can even enter the ingredients you want to use and it will track down recipes for them.

Yummly is the world's largest and most powerful recipe search site. We bring together recipes from all over the web - making your life easier.

2am Chili

2 AM Chili. I'm sorry I had to put this in my funny board because it was hilarious. And there are wayyyyy more things I would make before chili.

Make your own "Cream of Whatever" Soup -cut the fat and the chemicals!    2 tbs butter, 2 tbs flour, 1 cup milk, and whatever veggies/seasonings you want :)    In a saucepan - melt the butter, sprinkle the flour over it and stir. cook over medium/low heat for about 3 minutes then slowly whisk in the milk :)

Cream-of-Whatever Soup Substitute Tomato soup Chicken soup Mushroom/Celery/Chive soup or basic white sauce Great way to control certain food intakes!

Lemon Pound Cake -

Rice pudding is one of those comfort foods that just soothes the soul. Our recipe for Classic Rice Pudding takes this down-home dessert back-to-basics with its light vanilla flavor and creamy taste.

39 Meals to Make in 30-Minutes or Less | Mel's Kitchen Cafe

39 Meals to Make in or less: like skillet lasagna, BBQ chicken pasta, Parmesan chicken nuggets, shredded tacos & more. Handy to have for last-minute dinner guests (or if you just like quick dinners like me).

Baby shower idea... print out each letter of the alphabet on pieces of paper and have the attendees have decorate the letters; add pictures of things that start with that letter, and later make a baby alphabet book with those letters for the baby to be.

Playdough Recipe This is the place for the perfect playdough recipe! From easy to make playdough to edible playdough, we tell you exactly how to make it!