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The Mink Shop is an online wood carving and wood statue sculpture store from Byron Bay Australia selling balinese wood carvings and bali wood statues .Also available for wholesale enquiries.Check this out: www.theminkshop.c...

RVShack - Hand carved Bone necklaces Wood Carvings - on Etsy. Very sweet small carved heart - nice work.

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MAORI: wood carved sculpture ( New Zealand) Maori wood carving (whakairo rakau) is probably the most renowned and well known type of Maori art. Meeting houses, war canoes (waka) but also smaller items such as weapons, sacred boxes and small statues were ornamented with wood carvings. This carving clearly displays the tribal traditions of body decoration- tatooes.

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Ralph Williams Wood Carving: Barn Owl on a Fence Post carved in English Yew.