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Wood carving bench hook - used to support material while shaping

Carving bench

Japanese wood carving tools

a home made carving bench ; good example of carving arm, and of carving screw

Hand Carved Wood Cowboy Caricature Carving OOAK. $55.00, via Etsy.

Wood Carving Tool Set

wood carving tools set - awesomeness

Hand Carved Wooden Christmas Tree, Wood Tree, Carved Tree 9 Inches Tall, Woodland Decor

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Woodcarving Illustrated called this "the only thumbguard you'll ever need" in their spring review 2013. Sometimes in wood carving you need a bit of leverage on the blade to get the cuts you want–especially with a Crooked Knife. Our thumb guard give your thumb ultimate coverage to go wild...responsibly! Metal wire stitching keeps it together even with the occasional knick it might incur.

Dockyard wood carving tools by Page's Creations, via Flickr

Wood Carving - Wooden Owl Towel Hanger by Tomoe

Wall Sculpture Squirrel Wood Carving Hand Carved by BerlinGlass

How to Carve Wood Across the Grain thumbnail

Slicing seat. 5 X 25 X 60 cm. For smaller children as a precaution and to help them to focus more on cutting.. Practical tool for children and adults who support if there is so much to hold on and not chopper against itself

Wood Carving Owl - Four owls carving | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Wood carving santa ornament

Hand Carved Handmade Miniature Gnome Wood Carving. $18.00, via Etsy.

Maori Wood Carving

Vintage wooden hippo