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    Wood carving bench hook - used to support material while shaping

    Woodcarving Illustrated called this "the only thumbguard you'll ever need" in their spring review 2013. Sometimes in wood carving you need a bit of leverage on the blade to get the cuts you want–especially with a Crooked Knife. Our thumb guard give your thumb ultimate coverage to go wild...responsibly! Metal wire stitching keeps it together even with the occasional knick it might incur.

    Wood carving - study stick - I believe it's basswood

    Exercises wood carving for beginners

    Introduction To Wood Carving - To start wood carving all you need is a pocket knife, a piece of wood, a sharpening stone, a leather strop and an idea. As you progress you can start adding carving tools to your carvers tool box.

    Playing Around with Carving #5: Fixture to hold work for Relief Carving. - by WayneC @ ~ woodworking community

    Free Wood Carving Patterns | Plant Carving on Wooden Bench

    Wood carving Christmas ornaments | Christmas Design

    Free Carving Patterns - Custom Gunstock Carving | Carving Gun Stocks

    RVShack - Hand carved Bone necklaces Wood Carvings - on Etsy. Very sweet small carved heart - nice work.

    Santa gnome wood carving caricature by cjsolberg on Etsy