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I enjoy that facial hair on you, not-so-young-anymore Avatar. Also, the Abe Lincoln reference was witty, too.

After watching this episode more then 7 times... then i noticed...

After watching this episode more then 7 times.---l thought this was Ozai holding little Azula with Zuko. But that's not likely so why not make ourselves sad instead?<<<<why DID I READ THIS MY FEELS!

Shared from Facebook. xD

Shared from Facebook. xD

So true

Legend of Korra: Korra: What about that time when you guys took down the Fire Lord? Toph: Oh yeah! It was hot. I was on a blimp, and I think a giant turtle showed up!<-- yes!

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Zuko and his honor. The entire series he believed that he would find the avatar and restore his honor and in the end he did I know air bender isn't technically anime but I'm not going to make a whole new board