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first birthday cakesmash shabby chic with flowers and outdoor family portraits2

first birthday photoshoot! Maybe only 1 bigger balloon like a number 1

YES!! I'm SOOO doing this with Olivia next! && I'm going to coordinate the boys in the picture with her, too :))

Creative one year old celebration photos including cake smash, grandma's pearls, ball pit, and a canopy.

DIY Hot Air Balloon Photo Booth/Prop. It would need to be done a lot better than this, but this could make a super cute baby photo shoot.


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Cute one year photo

this would be so cool to do: take a picture every year holding a balloon for every year of age... one for 1st bday, 2 for 2nd etc.

Ohhh you better believe if I have a child with a fall birthday this will be happening! Wish my mom would've done it with my October birthday!


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1 year photo - How cute is this?

1st birthday idea- ok but HOW do some people get such perfect pictures, its IMPOSSIBLE to make mine sit still long enough!! guess he was having too much fun :P