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    Natural and Organic Food in Health Food Stores - Natural and Organic food stocks fill the shelves of natural health food stores. A health article described natural as a finished product while organic also mentions the food production process. Organic foods are supposed to comply with or even exceed the regulations of the United States of the Department of Agriculture. READ MORE -

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    Consumer Guide: How to Shop for Real Organic Products: Get to know what organic really means

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    This is why you should support your local organic farmers!

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    Great Organic Food Grocery Stores in Marietta Georgia

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Four Pillars of Healthy Eating via Whole Foods Market

When to Choose Organic. Obviously, it’s a better choice to “choose organic” as much as possible. But when organic choices aren’t available, or don’t necessarily make it into the grocery budget, which organic products should we consider over others? Meat, Dairy & Eggs Organic meat, dairy & eggs cannot be raised with growth hormones, and the animals aren’t fed with anything grown with pesticides. Click the photo to read more.

Before you buy organic or natural foods, see what today's food experts told us about making smart food choices. To get to your plate, most food travels over 1,000 miles—even organic food. Check the labels or ask the market manager to figure out the origin of your organic produce, and try to buy local. In addition to helping the environment, shopping local keeps dollars in your community. Note: Even if a local, small farm isn't certified organic, many of them use organic methods.

buy organic. buy local. support your local economy! i wish there was a coop closer to where i live. if you're lucky enough to have that luxury, check it out.

Organic Food Logo Healthy benefits of an organic garden

Organic food industry is growing day by day as farmers and producers prefer to grow and produce alternative organic products rather than conventional.

This site generates a 5 meal a day plan for you and your household. Then it allows you to print recipes and the grocery list. Awesome!

This is a great little guide for helping you to make the wisest and healthiest choices when grocery shopping.