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CSI! Has to have Grisom in them for me to watch!!!

Not 100% sure why I'm still watching this...but I have to admit that Ted Danson's a great addition.

he's cute on CSI :)

On average, by the time a child turns 14, the have already witnessed around 11,000 murders on television.

CSI It has some episodes I could take or leave, but I still like the show

original series from 2000 to about 2006 when it was a fresh concept and had the original cast

CSI: Las Vegas Photographs | Protagonisti Di Csi Las Vegas 56

I love this show for like more than 5 it's reruns right on TV?

Father of the Bride with Elizabeth Taylor

Gil Grissom, the original CSI

CSI/••••another great crime drama. I'm almost afraid to admit I like it for fear they'll drop it!