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  • Paula Meyer

    For the person whom I have been told today, is tiresomely taking my pins and board names, and passing them off as her own in a desperate attempt to attract someones attention, Chronic jealousy and chronic insecurity is sad and unattractive. With the greatest respect...we are on to you and we think its tedious and time to stop and go focus on the truth of your own life...

  • Kathleen Trevathan

    obsessed, envious, just an all around hater...that's ok, I'm gonna go on living my fabulous life, hate on hater, hate on

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Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out. #Attitude

The ego can be the murderer to your peace and happiness and steal your royal divine identity sokeep it in humble check and find the clue to laugh at yourself..."Princess" Dee.

Spread encouragement, empower others, and make others happy to be themselves... challenge for 2014!!

I don't play games, hide behind fake online names or spread rumors about people that are not true. Can't handle my truth? Then you don't deserve my presence. :)

maybe only kind of a little bit true

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By "do so little for you" it really means someone who doesn't meet emotional needs you have deep down inside, reciprocate your love or service, or let you know you are deeply cared for - NOT by our society's means either (i.e. material things) but doing it in the way YOU genuinely respond to.... I have love to give regardless of my well being....Period

Makes you think....