Make bouncy balls with Elmer's glue, borax, and cornstarch! So fun!

After an hour if trying bouncy ball recipies I found one that worked!!!! Homemade Super Balls

Make your own glowing bounce balls…

fun craft for the kids

Fun for big kids to make their own bouncy balls!

Homemade Gak (kinda like Silly Putty, but better)...Kids love it! diy-crafts

Rock Monster magnets tutorial. Make something fun with the kid's this summer!

homemade glow sticks!!

little box theatre--the perfect rainy day activity

Racing pom pom balls!

homemade flubber for kids

target golf - fun to do with the kids!

Make your own bouncey ball, from scratch. Great way to learn about science.

How to make flubber at home for an awesome kids’ craftWe’ll show you how to make squishy flubber with warm water, glue and Borax. Encourage ...

Cool! All you have to do it get watercolor paper. Then sketch your drawing, outline your sketch in Elmers glue then paint it with water colors


Some summer fun ideas.

Fun crafts for boys this summer. Make homemade Silly Putty using Borax. How to make silly putty great for Easter gift too.

Snowy/Rainy day activites

I spy. Just make sure you glue them shut

I Dig Pinterest and I Did it Too!: 20 Fun Summer Activities for Kids