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...this is from what an astronaut wrote from space when he learned that a friend had been in one of the planes that flew into the World Trade Center on 9/11. He said that "tears don't flow the same in space...." I can't imagine being so far away from our country when something so awful happened. It touched all of us...even in outer space.

Greg Sand explore issues of time and death through the medium of photographer, mixed media and digital manipulation.

rock collection organized by color

Blue biggs jasper, Oregon.



New Urban Geodes on the Streets of L.A. by Paige Smith


"The transition of the lunar eclipse, also known as


The Hubble spotted this smiley face in space - The Washington Post

Animate gif of moon orbiting small asteroid.

artist rendering of rings around a star


leave it to mother nature.. these colors and patterns are amazing

Water drops by Sharon Johnstone



fractal mineral - natures design... IGNEOUS rocks formed from lava flows of the Archaean era (>2,700 mil. God is the most incredible artist

Terra Speciosus (Beautiful Earth) by Peter Westerman #Photography #Earth