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Fatima Siad (born December 17, 1986) is a Somali-Ethiopian fashion model. Raised in Boston, Massachusetts.

20 of the Most Stunningly Beautiful Black Women in the World : Fatima Siad, a Somali-Ethiopian born fashion model, raised in Boston, Massachusetts

Fatima Siad ~ Born December 17, 1986 in Mogadishu, Somalia, Fatima Siad is a Somali-Ethiopian fashion model. Raised in Boston, Massachusetts, she placed third on America's Next Top Model, Cycle 10.

Femme nue, femme noire Vétue de ta couleur qui est vie, de ta forme qui est beauté J'ai grandi à ton ombre; la douceur de tes mains bandait mes yeux Et voilà qu'au coeur de l'Eté et de Midi, Je te découvre, Terre promise, du haut d'un haut col calciné Et ta beauté me foudroie en plein coeur, comme l'éclair d'un aigle - Oeuvres poétiques - Léopold Sédar Sengor

elderly balinese lady at a temple. I see inspiration, inner beauty and serenity

"No black woman writer in this culture can write "too much". Indeed, no woman writer can write "too much"...No woman has ever written enough." — bell hooks (remembered rapture: the writer at work)

Somali women use qasil which comes from a tree as a protection from the sun and a natural beauty product.

Africa | 'Aleikum salaam' Berbera, Somaliland | © Andy Scott Chang | #Poverty #WeThePeOplE JOIN THE PROJECT; "Enjoy a Cappuccino while Saving Lives!"

Somalis and Ethiopians - the most beautiful people in the world!

A little Somali girl. Very sweet. Would have removed the stuff in the background in photoshop though to make it even better...

Fatima Siad - from Somali, came in 3rd, cycle 10 America's Next Top Model. But these days she is on top of her game