PURE AWESOME! Way to go KIM!!!! #Olympics #KimRhode

To go Clay Pigeon Shooting more and maybe even join a club.

SKEET Shooting kimberly rhode US gold womens skeet

Pink shooting glasses...

Can you be a shooter and still be feminine? Yes. Look here.

Group therapy #Shooting

Girl's Guide to Guns | Females for Firearms

Olympic shooter Corey Cogdell - a trap shooter who won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympic Games - is also a trophy hunter. After she published pictures of herself with animals she killed, liberal anti-hunting activists expressed their hatred on Twitter, with some calling on her to shoot herself, Twitchy reported Sunday.

You don’t walk around with one eye closed, do you? Why should you shoot with one eye closed? Closing one eye while shooting decreases both situation awareness and depth perception. In a tactical situation this can be deadly. You need to learn to shoot with both eyes open in order to maneuver properly as you … Continue reading »

@Julie Golob ... Shooting champion, author, and veteran. Leading the way in role models for female shooting.

A beautiful pair of Wesley Richards.

Shooting Sports.

Miranda Lambert showing off her true 'rock and roll' style ~ Keep a look out for Niche's second issue, coming out on March 15th, to see our twist on wedding dresses!

Team USA Shooting: Best Of Hot U.S. Chicks With Guns In London

senior picture idea this would be a cute shot with Hailey on the farm we could even add the horse to the background...

Paul Giambrone makes skeet shooting so simple. Skeet is a game of consistency and to be consistent you must have a plan.

FNH SCAR 17 with Elcan SpecterDR

Trap shooting footwork for a right handed shooter. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE.

I would say that women make up about 2/3 or our day to day business. And at least that many take classes from us on a regular basis.

A Picture Worth A Lifetime