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Cheetah Mother and Cubs    Photograph by Chris Johns

Cheetah mothers typically give birth to a litter of three cubs, all of which will stay with her for one and a half to two years before venturing off on their own. When interacting with her cubs, cheetah mothers purr, just like domestic cats.

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There's nothing like a mother's love! And seeing babies with their mothers is a very special thing. These pics of animal moms and babies will brighten your day!


Wild animals can be vicious and disease-ridden, but who can resist them in baby form? These images are so cute they will make you swoon. Take a look on the last photo, this baby deserves much more attention.

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magicalnaturetour: “Cheetah mother and her cubs photographed a late afternoon at Masai Mara, Kenya by Andrea Marzorati ”

After a chase, a cheetah needs half an hour to catch its breath, before it can eat its prey.

This is a wildlife painting of a cheetah by the artist Jason Morgan. The physical traits of a cheetah's legs are implemented in the designs of cheetah blades used by para olympians, hence the name cheetah blades.

Baby camel puppy, http://www.daidegasforum.com/forum/foto-video/466060-i-cuccioli-compilation.html

Ever seen a baby camel before? I have, they are adorable! I love camels!