Doctor and the TARDIS

Officially Licensed Tardis! $4304 choose your favorite Doctor's version Not TOOO overly priced... Less than a car and quite frankly, goes a lot farther and longer!

doctor who the tardis

Superman Who

David Tennant = win

Doctor Who

RUN .... like the TARDIS is leaving without you!

Tardis Blue!

Doctor Who and David Tennant

Dr Who Trivia- i love the one about torchwood!:D ~the last fact is wrong, the 9th doctor is not the only one who didn't meet the master. The 11th doctor has yet to meet the master because he died during the 10th doctor's last episode but this was probably made before Matt Smith came on the show.


....yeah...that opposing timelines thing must be a bitch.

:) heehee

The Doctor spotted these sneaky Weeping Angels in Kensal Green cemetery, London. There's a TARDIS-shaped gap in the midst of them, which can surely be no coincidence. Empirical proof that Doctor Who is real.

R2-D2 and a Dalek

"We have to fix the Universe! But how?!" "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" "..."


Doctor Who is awesome!!!

My Other Car is a Tardis Car Sticker by KellyCreationDecals, $13.50. Need this.