I can't stop giggling.

Dr Who Trivia- i love the one about torchwood!:D ~the last fact is wrong, the 9th doctor is not the only one who didn't meet the master. The 11th doctor has yet to meet the master because he died during the 10th doctor's last episode but this was probably made before Matt Smith came on the show.

Doctor and the TARDIS

Don't you just wish you were the TARDIS in human form too?


Stealing each others girlfriends XD

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Tardis, Doctor Who Quote the episode the Doctor said it in made me cry😭

This is the best thing EVER!!!! XD


Dr. Who > Sparkles the Vampire. Always.

Oh my god!!

David Tennant = Awesome

Doctor Who - Is that really too much to ask?

So *that's* what happened to him!

Dr. Who Tardis 2

This is exactly how Doctor Who works...