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Ko'olau Pineapple Slothead Tenor

Pineapple Ukulele

Les Paul style tenor ukulele

Acacia koa tenor ukulele by Alulu

wenge long neck tenor ukulele

Custom-made ambrosia maple tenor ukulele---totally beautiful grain on this wood

There are times when you need a semi-hollow electric Tenor ukelele in your life. Trust me.

Pineapple ukulele wall mount hanger hand carved by ToucanMango

Banjo Ukulele (Banjolele) $600 WANT.

1940's Vintage Toy Ukelele ---- I might have to paint my concert ukelele this way.

Dove Sound Hole Mandolin.


i wish i still played my ukulele... i really wantt this one!

Koa Tenor Ukulele Handmade Custom by TyDe Music SOLD by TyDeMusic, $1,100.00

Custom Designed Pocket Ukulele by ArCaneLutherie on Etsy, $150.00

The first artist is Vicki Shell, of Johnson City, TN. Vicki is a musician and builds mandolins out of canteen gourds. She says her instruments are different than most because she has found a way to tune them to standard pitch. (Most all gourd instruments are tuned an octave low to prevent putting too much pressure on the gourd and cracking it.) I have seen some beautiful gourd banjos and guitars, but this is the first mandolin I've seen. meant to be played and not just to look at!

Ukulele ...


Deering Gabriella 5-string banjo

Black and white Ukelele Case with hidden pocket (Soprano size) Custom made on Etsy, $38.00

Old trucks...guitars....and the country.. how much better can it get?