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7 things to do with a cardboard box

So is my kid the only one who would rather play with a box than the actual toy? I remember on my son’s first Christmas I was so excited for him to play with the little piano I bought him. After I helped him unwrap the present, he pushed the piano aside and was fascinated with the box.
  • michelle

    diy cardboard toy ideas for kids

  • Tracy Mineer

    All kinds of ideas on repurposing cardboard boxes for kid toys.

  • Mona Hamad

    Turn a cardboard box into a giant version of a favorite toddler toy! Great

  • Mamma Gazette

    Use cardboard boxes to make adorable kid crafts and toys! Chloe would love this!!!

  • neats andresen

    Cute Cardboard Box Crafts: Cardboard Box Shape Sorter, make a giant version for kids with beach balls, big cardboard cubes, etc. - also an activity for younger kids

  • busyboysbrigade

    cardboard craft activities. Lots of great ideas here!!

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