Aquamarine on Feldspar from the Erongo Mountains, Namibia

Aquamarine with Fluorite and Muscovite.

Tanzanite Merelani Hills Tanzania

Formations from Brazil

A vivid turquoise blue Chrysocolla exterior has been partially polished to reveal an amazing interior of velvety concentric bands of darker and lighter green chatoyant Malachite.

Serious aquamarine

Cluster spray of Beryl var. Aquamarine crystals / Pakistan

dioptase on duftite and calcite, Namibia - Beeeutiful!


Tourmaline crystals in Aquamarine


Aquamarine with Schorl from Erongo Mountain, Usakos District, Erongo Region, Namibia / Mineral Friends <3

❥ Aquamarine {mermaid's stone}~ State gemstone of Colorado

Dom Pedro Aquamarine.10,363 cts (Pedra Azul, Minas Gerais, Brazil) is the 'largest single piece of cut-gem aquamarine' in the world to date, according to Smithsonian, The National Museum of Natural History.

Aquamarine from Russia

aquamarine with muscovite

Aquamarine and Muscovite - Pakistan / Mineral Friends <3

Aquamarine on Smoky Quartz

Spessartite Garnets on Beryl var. Aquamarine / Shigar valley, Skardu, Northern Territories, Pakistan

Beryl var. Aquamarine with Muscovite from Pakistan

Dioptase crystal / Christmas Mine, Arizona