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Shepard Fairey: Don't believe the Hype

street art & graffiti Vitry-sur-Seine - Alicè Pasquini #streetart

Sending you all love today.... I want to share story. Today a person in car line at McDonald's drive in line bought the person behind them in line breakfast - telling the cashier charge whatever they order on their card and that person was me..Thank you stranger who was kind to me today - Love Desiree

Banksy - Ikea graffiti - Large Graffiti Slogan, Croydon., South London copyright artofthestate 2009 / 2011

'Even though people feel hate, love is love' (artist and location unknown)

The kind of graffiti that SHOULD be on the walls on streets as apose to swear words in crappy writing.

Bought a hula hoop and use it to exercise (really feels more like playing!) Gotta make life fun!

Mixed media by Anne-Laure Djaballah - fragments 48x24", oil/mixed media on canvas, 2007. I had ice in mind with this piece, and how it shatters, creates web-like cracks, often subtle.

Alchemy is most commonly described in chemical terms, and alchemists were also frequently chemists. The common concept of turning lead into gold is about refining the coarse and common into the rare and the perfect (art via tracciamenti)