What an awesome facebook cover

Just updated my Facebook timeline cover to this!

How to melt crayons

A unique way to entertain your children

TEACHERS: A good interact thing to do with students.

Melting crayons

Girl's dresses made from men's shirt.

A blog of things you can mail (that are 13 oz or less) this is so awesome. I've mailed fake bananas

Had a blast doing this with the 3 little ones! ;)

Beginning crochet tips and tricks like how to count stitches

Melting crayons and fun with the kiddos!

Bake a cake

T-shirt to skirt using sleeves for pockets!

reusable snack bag

scrapbook paper + cavas = awesome

Tons of cute Christmas craft ideas!

How to repair stains

:) had such an amazing experience with my children today while we did this.

how to inkjet print on burlap!

Book pages mod podged onto canvas...love this idea!

so pretty!