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  • June Walker

    ahahahhaah. ps sorry everyone i just discovered the new "geek" category...

  • Mika Stern

    If I laughed at this does it mean I'm banned from the fandom? #blue's_clues

  • Anna Spexarth

    sherlock misses nothing. ahh i can't stop laughing! Blues Clues meets Sherlock Holmes

  • Elizabeth Simone

    A Blue's Clue. I just found this while searching for funny stuff so here lol

  • Megan Leese

    A little Sherlock's Holmes humor :) hehe

  • Lia Keriotis

    funny sherlock holmes bbc - Google Search

  • Sam Watts

    Ive been watching to much Blues Clues with Jon Robert. I giggled out loud... mmm...

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30 Day Sherlock Challenge - Day 7: A Picture that Makes You =D... This is way funnier than it should be.

o my gosh. O MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Try joining the Sherlock fandom..... But only if you want to fall in love with a sociopath and an army doctor, and proceed to be emotionally scarred, waiting in agony until season three. But hey, we have attractive (and incredibly intelligent) British men. So it's kinda worth it.

Hahaha! Judging by the content of Sherlock memes at this point, the next season is wayyyy overdue. We're running out of material, here..

lol here to find out more

?????????? Death? Skull? Deaded?? Wood? Pipe/tube/wotsit? Thingemebob?? Egg? Chair? Sitty thing?? ?????????? Drunk Sherlock is the best Sherlock xD

We need more Sherlock.<<< yes, I chose the fandom life, and if this is what I must pay for my choices then so be it, WE NEED MORE SHERLOCK.

Sherlock... "corrrrpses!" This fanart pieces completely killed the scene for me. Each time I see it, I cannot keep from laughing.

im supposed to be getting ready for school but everyone knows i'll be on her all day ☝

Sherlock, different versions but love them both. Robert Downey Jr. & Benedict Cumberbatch

....bahahahaha!! there were a few moments that you could see it on his face he was like. "I AM SM…SHERLOCK!"