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A giant green pill millipede. Photographer Igor Siwanowicz cites his main influence as the works of the designer of the monster from the Alien films, H.R. Giger.

Insect Macro Photography by Igor Siwanowicz

Pillbugs - Igor Siwanowicz

Giant pill millipedes (Sphaerotheriida)

Pill Millipede (Sphaerotheriida)

Aliens on Earth: Macro Pictures by Igor Siwanowicz A Brahmin moth caterpillar... – Odd Stuff Magazine

Goliath Beetles insect art print - Two life size giant beetles green gold white art. $13.00, via Etsy.

cephalopods use camouflage to blend into their environment.

Leaf Mimicking Katydid - Belize

Nolid Moth Caterpillars (Nolidae)

Moth Caterpillar | by John Horstman

A murmuration of starlings.

Blue green metallic longhorn | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Alabaster Nudibranch

Small Green Awlet (Burara (formerly Bibasis) amara)

Orb Weaver Spider (Parawixia sp.)

Nut weevil by Nikola Rahmé

Damselfly by Murray Clarke: Damselflies are similar to dragonflies, but...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damselfly #Insects #Damselfly

Cicada, Costa Rica


Moth, before & after.