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  • Sartika Arifin

    seriously.. panda is one of the cutest animal ever exist :3

  • Latisha Deana

    Art panda panda. warm-fuzzy

  • Jessie Irvine

    My wild animal love since I was little <3

  • Debbie Hendricks

    Latest research confirms adult Giant Pandas are much more "talkative" than we suspected and have the ability to make 11 distinct sounds. When guarding against predators or other Giant Pandas, they will huff, snort, chomp, or honk. If they're trying to defend themselves, they will moan, bark, or squeal. A growl or roar signifies the start of an argument or fight. During mating season they may emit a unique bleat or chirping sound. Cubs make a very loud squeaky cry.

  • Alicia Anne

    panda babies : )

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i have no idea what board to pin this to but it is just so dang cute!

holy squeeness!!! Amazing! Life is simply amazing!

baby panda. I love them!!

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