Lily Vanilli Bakery in London. Photos by Park and Cube. (via @Brittany Horton Moody Julious)

Monmouth Coffee Company | Covent Garden, London -★-

Eatery: Lily Vanilli Bakery | UK

Columbia Road Flower Market


:: Primrose Bakery - Primrose Hill: 69 Gloucester Avenue, London NW1 8LD - Covent Garden: 42 Tavistock Street, London WC2E 7PB ::


Thai floating market, flower vendors


"The Happy Kitchen" - Organic, vegan, gluten free, sugar free artisan bakery, canteen & pantry in London (including cakes, sweetened only with fruit and fruit juices)

// FLAT 128 Spring at Iris Cafe

Little cafe in Japan

Pastry Shop

One of the best bakeries in Paris: Du Pain et des Idées

{Cocomaya | London}


Bakery "Patisserie" - Aix en Provence, France I want real bread, fresh and fragrant and I want to eat it wandering in the streets of a new world

Neals Yard, London