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Right!?  Yes!  Carrie!!!! I concur;). Stealing!

Pretty please. With a fucking cherry on top. Be polite.

Especially when your brother starts dating someone that has the same name as you...

I automatically dislike anyone with my name because it feels like a competition and let's be honest, you're not winning that.

Santa has the same wrapping paper as mom...

You-Mom why dose santas presents look like yours? Mom- Santa must like wall-mart wraping paper. Santa shops at wall-mart? Do you thing ill see him there some time Mom-(Crap!

And then everyone looks at you strange because you can't talk and sit there clapping like a retarded seal...

Story of my Life! I do this, seriously, all the time. The worst part is: when you actually do finish the story and no one else laughs.

Haha. I don't take Spanish yet, but my sister and her teacher are trying to get me to take Latin.

Funny pictures about I throw my Spanish in the air. Oh, and cool pics about I throw my Spanish in the air. Also, I throw my Spanish in the air.

Harry Potter: The Grown Up Years

I pray for world peace, the safety of kittens and that Rowling's new 'Adult Book' is secretly about "Harry Potter: the Grown-Up Years." i-solemnly-swear-i-am-up-to-no-good

hi i am a pinoholic - Google Search

Pinsomnia - Inability to get enough sleep because is bloody addicting, This is so true.I blame my friend Erica for this addiction!

Dear Dad,    I'm not pregnant or in jail.     Happy Father's Day.

I feel like my parents should be more proud of me for making it into my without having any illegitimate children.lol but seriously.

When you see someone in public that you really don't want to talk to...

I'm so anti-social

This is so me . at the grocery store, walmart or pretty much anywhere on the weekends running errands.