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this is more what I had in mind for highlights...mainly one darker color with just a few streaks of a contrasting color (blonde in summer, red in fall/winter)

If I could ever stand to grow it out... and love the highlights.

If my hair could do this (if I could learn to do this with my hair) I'd cut it like this! I also LOVE the color, but I could never go red

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back cut / get rid of brassy hair

her hair cut is so cute!! it's really not good for me to see things like this the week i'm getting my hair cut. going to try and stay strong! growing my hair out, god damnit!

love this cut! If I ever cut my hair short it will look like this!

Sometimes I wish I had blonde hair..because this is real cute.

i love this haircut! for one of my cosmetology class projects, we have to pick a haircut and formulate a color for it; this is pretty masculine, but the color feminizes it and looks like something an actual pixie would wear. I'm going to do this cut, then make it a red violet, or some other edgy color. so excited!

short hair, long bangs, asymmetrical (for when, after 3 years of growing out my pixie cut, I finally learn how to braid/curl/do other fun hair stuff you can only do with long hair just to get bored one day and cut it all off again)

Love the cut and the color... Makes me think of Tara Harmon Harmon Duncan !! :)