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60s television. Notice the box on the side. Our first TV was like that. You paid 25 cents to watch for an hour. The money in the coin box was your monthly payment - on the cuff. We paid for our first televison at my parent's that way. Black and White TV only with 2 maybe 3 channels if you were lucky

Look at the size of this television set and then look at the size of the screen. Uh huh. Also, o bet this is black and white also.

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Classic children's television shows

In elementary school, we said the pledge of allegiance to the American flag every morning, first thing, before we started working.

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Drive In re-post'

The car, the drive in restaurants, the whole thing...such fun memories. :-)

Black & White picture, used rabbit ears on tv set and only 3 channels,all channels went off at midnight and had to manually change them, no remotes.

too many crazy Lone Rangers in America ; (will the word "guns" ever become a four letter word that represents a crude, primitive, anti-Christian macho culture from the 19th century)?