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I like the idea of keeping attendance in the same spot as handing in notes, homework and morning work. This link includes other ideas about incorporating behavior chart and question of the day.

Love this idea, with clear cups/buckets. Students earn a pom pom in their bucket for good behavior/encouraging one another and can share when another student "filled their bucket." They can earn rewards such as bringing a stuffed animal to school, taking off shoes at reading time, extra free time, etc.

Not only will it fit into my tiny classroom, but it is Kindergarten appropriate. Instead of writing out what the child did to fill a bucket, he or she just adds a pom-pom. This is a great way to start "Bucket Filling" at a young age.

have each kid decorate a clothes pin and put it on the "ready to learn" at the beginning of everyday, they can move up or down depending on how they behave during the day

This is an EXCELLENT IDEA: a POSITIVE Behavior Chart. I used a positive behavior chart last year and I only had to move students down MAYBE twice all year. I found I could change behavior by moving others up. It was amazing.

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Owl Foldable End of the Year Craftivity & Writing Project idée de lapbook

Cute. With nurse hats perhaps!?

Using a bird and tree theme with the title "Welcome to _____ (teacher's name) Nest" is a fun title for classroom door display for the beginning of the school year. Might go nice with my new bird theme!

“Whooo’s been good” is a little surprise jar that we have in our house for when I catch the kids doing something unexpected and totally awesome! aspottedpony.com

“Whooo’s been good” is a little surprise jar .maybe use as a punch card reward.when you get 5 punches you get a prize! Not sure if the candy in this jar is good.

Free Owl Resources - Find lots of owl classroom freebies for decorating and learning all in one place

Free Owl Resources - Find lots of owl classroom freebies for decorating and learning all in one place This is an amazing set of Owl Themed items.

3rd Grade Thoughts: Classroom Supplies: Sharp & Dull Pencils FREEBIE

Classroom Supplies: Sharp & Dull Pencils FREEBIE

I just bought a 10 dollar rocking chair for my future classroom! I just can't wait to do something like this to it!

Chair This is so colorful. This chair would be perfect in a reading nook or in the reading corner in a classroom. The teacher could use it when reading to the students.

Teaching Fourth: Owl Classroom Decorations!

Sorry, I Fibbed. More Classroom Decorations! Owl Lanterns!

Love this meeting space. If I win the lottery, I will make these for my classroom.

This is a fun seating idea for the classroom and I would use it in my future classroom for circle time and have the students store white boards or other things in them.

This website gives ideas for many different classroom areas.  It has different ones such as a listening station, writing station, math station, etc.  I thought this was a neat idea because students learn differently, so by having a listening area, reading area, writing area, you are reaching many different types of students. -Chelsea Langenbach

I LOVE the behavior chart that is made like a guitar! Rockin' Behavior for sure! First Grade Fresh: Let's give them something to talk about.