• Renee Fulp

    Sunday School Crafts! Cute ideas for kids and adults!

  • Kasey Myers

    Let each of the kids choose a stick out of the prayer pail while we are at the dinner table and then let them pray for whatever or whoever is on the stick. Place popcicle sticks beside it for prayer requests

  • Kimberly Hobbs

    Cute idea - The plan is to let each of our kids pick one (or a couple) sticks out of the prayer pail while we are at the dinner table and then let them pray for whatever or whoever is on the stick.

  • Ashley Corbett

    Prayer Pails: maybe have plastic beach pails for each group to add their prayers to, or put prayer ideas in, and we can do circle prayers. OR, at large group, pick one stick each day and do the whisper prayers?

  • Lauren Stahlman

    Prayer Pail! What a great idea for kids!

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