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How to Make Google Calendar the Only Scheduling Tool You'll Ever Need

5 Ways to Use Your Journal For Self Care

After several months of consistently writing I've learned my journal is one of the most powerful ways I practice self care. Without fail, journaling almost always improves my mood, leaving me feeling calm, centred and capable. Here are 5 strategies I use, including journal prompts and ideas.

The 3-Step Way to Develop Epic Habits (it's proven, it works) + free worksheet from The House of Muses

How I Use Mind Mapping to Help Declutter My Brain

Sweet, sweet middle of summer. When meals are regularly replaced with popsicles and ants swarm your countertops to vie for a taste of the sticky melted nectar. We here at Tiny Rotten Peanuts (actually, just me. I’m alone today. I…

How to Change Your Life by Changing 6 Simple Habits

How can you change your life by changing your habits? Simple. Habits sneak into our lives because they make our lives easier, not necessarily better. It’s time to choose the ones that make your life better. Read on to find out the six simple habits t

7 Habits of Extremely Punctual People

Being fashionably late is so out of fashion — arriving late to interviews, meetings, and appointments is not only rude, but can also negatively impact