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Green Honeycreeper, Singapore - by Douglas Janson

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The Iiwi(Hawaiian HoneyCreeper)

The Iiwi (Hawaiian Honey Creeper)(Vestiaria coccinea). This small and handsome bird is the only member of the genus Vestiaria, and at the present time although its numbers are up at it is still considered endangered. Awesome red Liwi!!!!!!!



I am eagle hear me roar. redjeep: “a beautiful African Fish Eagle."

Blue Waxbill, also called Blue-breasted Cordon-bleu, is a common species of estrildid finch found in Southern Africa.

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What Is Your Real Patronus?

The 'official' quiz told you that your Patronus was something rubbish like a wet dog or a sewer rat or something - but we know that's not really you. Find out what your real Patronus is!