How to Style a Coffee Table

Yellow trim creates an extra sunny sunroom...LOVE!

Breezy Palette

the couches with a lot of cushions look comfy Beach day the beach will be my back yard :) #beachhouse

bright and simple

Front porch

We love this charming, light-filled breakfast nook.

Color Room

Sun porch with a tapestry wall and a hammock chair

balcony porch

Screened in porch


Fresh spring colors

Yellow on the porch (1) From: My Home Ideas, please visit



Boho decor - THIS IS MY RUG IN CHARLESTON! (BOKHARA) - - All Turkmen rugs and carpets have geometric patterns. The repeated "Gul" motif (elephant footprint) is the main indication of Turkem rugs. Weavers in Turkmenistan use Turkish knots and these type of rugs are among the finest quality tribal rugs.... #loveofrugs #interiordesign #homefurnishings #rugs #decorating #homedecor #home #arear...

The colors!