The Fairy Tale Horse

this horse is beautiful!

Lovely Shire Horse


The Gypsy dream was to breed the perfect horse to pull their colorful vardos or living wagons through the hillsides of England and Ireland. when the days work was done, the beautiful Gypsy Vanner, had to be gentle and docile enough to teach Gypsy children how to ride.


Red shire in Devon England. He looks like he is from a fairy tale :)

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What a gorgeous horse

Gypsy Vanner Horse

Awesome markings! I would call 'her' Frost.

Blue eye

Austin ~ A rare chocolate silver dapple stallion, is an American multiple champion Gypsy Vanner horse. Description from I searched for this on

.Gorgrous beauty by Thomsen

White Horse

Flying Feather Gypsy Horse

I want one!!!

horse love..

Horse Art - Love it!!