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  • Oregon Girl Around the World

    Vivien Maier, September 30, 1956, New York, NY

  • Katherine Kehoe

    Street photographer Vivian Maier: September 30, 1956, New York, NY

  • Darla Hobson

    Vivian Maier, Photographer, New York City, 1950's Probably family of brothers and sisters on their way home from school because of the school work in one of the little girl's hands. They are adorable, dressed so neat and tidy. I love the Mary Jane shoes and socks.

  • mollie

    Vivian Maier street photography

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Color Photography | Photographer: Vivian Maier. Very much ahead of her time.

I thought she was holding a chicken by it's feet.........................vhw

Photography by Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier's street photo. Her work wasn't discovered until after she died. And now, she's considered one of the best photographers of the last century.

Vivian Maier - Patron Saint of Chicago Selfies. #365FeministSelfie Nominated by Alex Valera

Color Photography | Vivian Maier Photographer

BAR // prohibition taproom / michael penn

Vivian Maier - Untitled, Self Portrait (with Mirror Lights)

Photographer Vivian Maier - Her ability to truly see the world around her was amazing.

a girl can only be so lucky...even a country apart, phone conversations still feel like this ;)

Vivian Maier, June 23, 1954, Staten Island, NY