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35 Things Puerto Ricans Know To Be True

30 of 35 l Coquito is sweet, delicious and dangerous. | 35 Things Puerto Ricans Know To Be True 35 Things Puerto Ricans Know To Be True Take a trip to Puerto Rico. From salsa and bomba y plena to the coqui, mofongo, bioluminescent bays, Old San Juan, and everything else that makes you proud to be Boricua.

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Pizza Nachos

Puerto Rican Alcapurrias. - This is a Quick easy version of classic alcapurrias filled with beef, stewed crab or salted cod. Use any type of filling, to your taste..

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Chicharrón Colombiano - Colombian-Style Fried Pork Belly

Chicharrón or fried pork belly is a typical Colombian dish from the Andean region of Colombia and is one of the main components of the well known national dish Bandeja Paisa.

Everybody in Puerto Rico knows, what is this.

Chicharron de Puerto Rico --- Fried Pork Rinds