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I found this logo on pinterest and it stands for "Female Writers." If you look at the image it can be taken as a woman's body and as the tip to a calligraphy pen. I love that it can be seen in different ways, but the meaning adds up to one complete idea. I also like that it's simple with just black and white so the image is bold and stands out just like female writers had to do in the past.

from UltraLinx

30 Creative Minimal Logos

The Ultra Linx [This cute graphic also combines two images using negative space to depict a rabbit holding a carrot. the shapes are obvious and appealing, and the logo would work on varying scales. The use of an achromatic colour scheme is effective in creating an immediately recognisable image.]

The black and white look refined, but I sort of wish there was more colour...perhaps wine colours? The glass element in the W is, of course, fantastic. Part of me wishes the text was thicker, though perhaps that would take away from the glasses.


Catfood logo

Catfood logo by Jan Meeus Logo Design #logo #design #inspiration