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Love love!!! 46 pun-intended Thank You gift ideas. Some are a little corny, but I love 'em. Definitely cute for those simple thank yous for the ones you love, neighbors, co-workers and others.

Church Volunteer Appreciation Gifts | Paper Perfection: Employee Appreciation Gifts

I like to have ready-made thank you gifts handy for when the time is right. Here's a free printable for this one: "How are you so flippin' awesome?!"

Changing both of your last names to "Danger," A heart-shaped Jacuzzi filled with champagne and Viagra... oh yes, it's weddings meet Cards Against Humanity with Cads About Matrimony​. Check out the card game that will make wedding planning a whole lot funnier. vendors.offbeatbr...

DIY Star Trek “Live Long and Prosper” Hoodie. This is officially the nerdiest and best thing I have ever pinned!

What a cute idea for a Christmas present!!

I WANT TO DO THIS OF OUR HOUSE ----How to turn your house into a redwork.

Moss display

Specific ideas on what to DO and how to help someone in need for any reason (cancer, hospital stay, injury, illness, new baby, having a bad day, or just because). Tons of ideas of things to take to someone and ideas of ways to help people. Instead of just thinking about doing things, this is a perfect resource to give ideas so we actually DO things for others.

Turn teacups into plant holders! The Inspired Room

Memorial Signature Bracelet Personalized by CaitlynMinimalist

For coworkers :) A good pick-me-up for during the year.

A fun-sized way to show appreciation.

POt of Gold, Thrifty Christmas Presents (although this one is a little special)

A great going away cake for a co-worker.

We made these 'center pieces' for a co-workers retirement party from mason jars.

Simple feel better gift

Punch a hole in all of your gift and rewards cards and keep them on one key ring to save space in your wallet.

DIY Santa Clause Gift Tags Using Soda Can Tabs! Cheap craft for kids to make too! |

@Kristi Kildoo Kristi - I just made a mug in the Craft Room - I can cut some out for Card Day, if you want. Cricut Hot Chocolate Mug Card. Gypsy Wanderings and George Cartridges. *

Cup of Cheer printables. Also has "For your Mistle Toes" and "Rock the Night Away" printables.

Creative ways to give $$$. I used this this Christmas and it was a HUGE hit. They absolutely loved it and thought I was so creative.

What a perfect Father's Day gift for dad (and uncle and grandpa!). DIY photo puzzle.

DIY // Cocktail Mason Jar Gift

Go analog with this chic letter-writing kit!