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Task Card Corner: Task Card Storage & Organization Ideas

Free highlighted paper for spelling and other strategies for improving handwriting.

Morning warm-ups: Magazine Monday, Tune Up Tuesday, Word Search Wednesday, Think Outside the Box Thursday, and Fidget With it Friday, how fun!

Ask Your Child - mini newsletter - This is a newsletter that I send home on Fridays. $

Pinteresting Boards for G/T & HOTS!

10 FREE Inspirational Quotes Classroom Posters (8.5 x 11)!

Classroom timeline- love this idea!:)

10 FREE Inspirational Quotes Classroom Posters (8.5 x 11)!

Have a folder for each standard and then put activities, notes, and games into each folder

Free Educational Games. A whole bunch of free educational games in many different areas and levels. A lot on here I haven't seen before.

SERGE Special Education Resources for General Educators

Follow The Yellow Brick Road - Retelling Activity

Sub book

Teacher Channel -- see teachers and teaching ideas in action

school lunch notes

I Have Who Has generator

Classroom Freebies: Monster Themed Behavior Coupons Freebie

New Years Resolutions Activity

end of the year poem

Morning Work Freebies!

Classroom timeline. What a neat, living display to capture and remember the cool things you did throughout the year.

Thanksgiving Mini-Notecards freebie

Thumbprint turkeys . . . Cute Kids craft!

"We missed you!" folder cover for sending home and collecting makeup work from absent students.

This has got to be the coolest, easiest craft ever! Foil over dried, raised glue and wiped down with shoe polish. Easy enough for kids to do. Try printing out a wise saying, or their names in a fancy-smancy print. Low-cost art form.