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    Messy hair

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    • Tricia Larese

      gawd, I hate straightening, curling, any heated styling wand anything. On any given morning I am far too lazy and/or have much better things to do than waste 30 minutes of my life on my hair.

    • Barbara Malone - MsFrugaLady  [Frugal]

      Embrace Messy Hair - it's a Fashion Style [does not work for me, (-:] but I do like the look - Beauty care maintenance]

    • Martha Masten

      I'm at that point in my life that I finally figured out instead of working like a dog to achieve "the messy look" I can just throw it in a scrunch right out of bed and BAM! ...messy look! Transaction Etsy - Embrace Messy Hair - Lino Print ($1-20) - Svpply

    • Donna Gunn

      Embrace Messy Hair funny quote hair girly quote hairstyle messy hair

    • Kate Ressmann

      I hope this is okay. I embrace messy hair 96.3% of my life! Groovy

    • Simply Savvy Co.

      Embrace Messy Hair #quotes #inspirational #beauty #hair

    • Jaime Harrington

      Embrace messy hair... My life for sure :)

    • Avalon School of Cosmetology

      Embrace Messy Hair #beauty #quotes

    • Amanda Romanowski

      embrace messy hair. #messyhair

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    I need to remember this more!! i'll be 25 next year and don't have my shit together. no idea what i want to do with my life anymore.

    So very true.

    I 2nd that

    So true.


    this is where I am at in life

    This is my life... by katie licht

    yep...have to be okay with it


    Embrace Messy Hair Poster Print by beeandbeard on Etsy

    Not a misspent life for me!

    you are the peanut to my butter...