For the groom: a boudoir book .... definitely doing this.

This is a very nice risque shot for the wedding boudoir pics, but only works if the bride has an amazing pair of shoes.

Bridal boudoir! I could get it in this pose.


33 Impossibly Sexy Boudoir Photo Poses to give the groom the day of the wedding.

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bridal boudoir, good incentive to get in shape before the wedding plus a nice gift for your hubby's eyes only

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Boudoir shoot. Groom gets the album the morning of the wedding.

his & hers. I know it's for a bride and groom, but I think it'd be a lot of fun for a dinner party or as favors for a slightly larger party!

Grooms gift from the bride morning of wedding- Boudoir photos

boudoir. So beautiful,sexy and cute all on one!

For the groom. I like this but it's so scandalous!

Finish off the end of your bouquet with corsage pins, no wet and leaky flowers.

Boudoir Photos for a Groom Present from Bride... (keeping in mind for future use ;D someday...)

cutest lingerie for wedding day or a boudoir photo shoot groom's gift.

A photo album for the groom to open the morning of the wedding. Hmmm

Boudoir Photos

wedding Boudoir photoshoot for the hubby.

Beautiful boudoir