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The lastest CSA from Jeremyville

tv/ Dubai Motivational, Inspirational, Keynote Speaker and Teambuilding Expert Reality Show Dave Crane TV shows nothing but the best in transforming one's life.

¿Y si no tuvieras miedo a equivocarte qué pasaría? | Revolucionar La Mirada

¿Y si no tuvieras miedo a equivocarte qué pasaría?

It is not a seperation of church and state.  Its a seperation of heart and mind.

If you have to make a law that hurts a number of people, just to prove your morals or faith. then you have no true moral or faith to prove.

You Are so Much More...  Wonderful image from W.I.N.G.S - Women In God's Service Ministry

"You are loved. You are valuable. You are crafted with beauty and purpose." What a beautiful message to tell the women in your life. We believe that every woman should be treated with respect and with dignity.