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Thor - flower gleam and glow. I've a feeling that sun drop that fell on that flower in Tangled came from Asgard.

daddy ?

Doppelgangers - Zooey Deschanel, Katy Perry, Siwan Morris, Mia Kirschner, Emily Blunt and Katie Featherston all look alike creepy

Aladdin and Jean Valjean.

I Dreamed a Meme: Les Miserables Meets the Internet

(Les Mis and Aladdin! Fun Fact: This line in Aladdin was in reference to Les Miserables! Lea Salonga, who sung for Jasmine in the movie Aladdin, played Eponine on broadway.) IDK why but I laughed SO hard when I saw this!

You didn't have to cut me off! I think of this every time I hear this song now.

Funny pictures about Gotye in traffic. Oh, and cool pics about Gotye in traffic. Also, Gotye in traffic.

<b>Because nothing says Tuesday night like an overweight dance dictator crushing tiny child dreams!</b>

The Top 11 "Dance Moms" Quotes Of All Time

"I don't even like dancing, I'm just here because my mom said she would buy me tacos." Bahaha dance moms Love this show and this makes me laugh.

This just makes me laugh because who every made it obliviously has no idea who the first Willy Wonka was. Gene Widler, as in Dr. Frankstein, as in one of the most popular actors of his time. Do your research!

gene wilder is actually in amazing films: The ORIGINAL Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory,Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, and The Producers. just sayin.