done done and done!

I have been to Disney World, but it would be really fun to go with my best friends!!

No doubt in the world this will happen.

My Bucket List.

✔ bucket list- spend a day at a water park. CHECK!

Your Bucket List.


YESSSS! This is top priority

Before I die I will jump in a taxi and yell at the driver to "follow that car." Just like in the movies🚖

Yeah you really are!! All the things I want to do.. I want to do them with you!! So my little bucket list.. Im ready to check you off because youre mine!!!

before i die..

Check - December 2010 with @Edita Sateikaite

check this off the list....

Bucket list

bucket list


Bucket list


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have ALWAYS said I've wanted to do this before I die :-) will def visit Paris, France & see the eiffel tower some day no matter what!