coffee drinks illustrated by Lokesh Dhakar

coffee drinks illustrated by Lokesh Dhakar! A nice coffee chart to keep in mind :)

Educate and simplify non-drinkers' choice and earn new customers, or just make awesome coffee as a pro at home.

Guia para hacer cafe para todos los gustos - Cut this out and carry with me!

Coffee guide that shows you the content of every kind.

Coffee guide to a various Espresso type of coffees. Ingredient ratio is visualized as well.

What Does Your Favorite Coffee Say About Your Personality

espresso latte straight black what does your coffee preference say about your personality! What Your Favourite Coffee Beverage?


The World's 25 Strangest Drinking Customs

The 25 Weirdest Drinking Customs in the World. Do you have a whacky drinking custom?

Infografik: 15 Dinge die ihr über Koffein wissen solltet

Coffee has health benefits but the adverse effects of caffeine found in coffee far out weigh the benefits. Caffeine is also found in many sports drinks and personal trainers rarely talked about it. Here are some risks of overdose of caffeine.

naturbo Wandheizung - einfaches Steckmodulsystem

Find a local coffee shop and enjoy your favorite book or magazine. Step off the treadmill of life, take a deep breath and find a cozy table to sip your tea or coffee.

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