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    Important Times of Day Clocks

    • Krista Alessandri

      Must use this...Too many kids ask about what the clock will look like when it's lunch time. I usually just tell them to learn how to tell time. This seems more effective.

    • Shelly Sinner

      no more asking me what time lunch or gym happen!!!! Love this idea for visual schedule and teaching time post a clock for each period as well!

    • Miss Kyla

      *** I like this teacher's clock display and also the whole post about having a "numeracy-rich environment" We talk all the time about a print-rich environment, but what about the math side of things? This would be great for early elementary students who are still learning how to tell time on an analog clock.

    • Sonya Vittiglio

      what time is ... display .... I've always posted mini clocks with my daily schedule, but I love the idea of having it located right by the classroom clock so kids can compare

    • Amy Platt

      Telling Time-A great visual schedule for children. Telling time on an analog clock is becoming a more difficult skill to teach!

    • Jessica Rodriguez

      Daily Schedule with Analog Clocks. This would be so useful because kids dont know how to read clothes

    • Laena Saunders

      Do something similar with the daily schedule *below the clock* to get kids thinking about time

    • Kim Lands

      Classroom Ideas - Time and clocks

    • Shannon Martin

      Teaching ideas

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    I worked in a High School and I kid you not... kids would ask me what time it was I would point to the clock. They would say "I don't know how to tell THAT time"! Maybe they should have had this :D

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    Wish I had thought of this... maybe next year!

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    I wasn't allowed to have any digital clock or watch until I could tell time on a 'real' one. Not sure how I feel about it now. I also remember being told I needed to learn to do math in my head because wouldn't 'always' have a calculator with me too. And cursive writing is no longer used except for a signature. The digital age is here; how do we embrace part of it but ignore other areas of it?