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Chang-Er by ~schumy330 on deviantART

This is a character of Chinese mythology. Her name is Chang-Er.

舞龙Dragon Dance is a performance in Chinese tradition where a team of trained dancers move the long serpent-shaped body above their heads with wooden or plastic poles, and make a vivid dance performance. The Dragon Dance is performed as a prayer for a harvesting new year.

Chinese Dragon Dance The dragons can be anywhere from 80 to 200 feet long and require as many as 100 dancers to carry it.

Seoul, Korea

Red Roof, Seoul, Korea


Here is the Chinese Lantern Festival in Dallas Texas, held from January-Febuary

#Chinese New Year.  Nouvel an chinois sur notre site:

Chinese New Year In Nagasaki, Japan, Lantern Festival for celebrating Chinese New Year is now held at China town. Here I submit one of the pics I shot tonight. Nagasaki Lantern Fes Hope you enjoy C.

Have Dragon enter cocktail area to lead guests into hanger at dinner time.

I like this picture because it really looks alive with the glowing eyes and the light. also because I love dragons , I think there so cool especially Chinese dragon with there wisdom and peacefullness.