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  • Brenda Twomey

    If reiki is an energy of "oneness" not separation, whose not to say that these to creature are not living in that energy? Baby Deer, Puppies, Friends, Dogs, Sweets, Pets, Baby Animal, Adorable, Things

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Oh my.. Sorry guys, your page might be competely spammed with puppy photos. I just found a ton of cute ones. I just can't help it, I'm sorry. :)

Puppy love - golden retriever cuteness

Even puppies like road trips :) >>> I had to share this, just too cute!

German Shorthaired Pointer - Puppies are soo adorable with their little sad faces. by hillary

No kind action ever stops with itself. One kind action leads to another. Good example is followed. A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. The greatest work that kindness does to others is that it makes them kind themselves. ~ Amelia Earhart

Puppy Crush - My kids are dying for a new puppy. I keep telling them we need to potty train the 2 year old first!

I've lived with four Corgis over the last 15 years or so. They are quite the characters!

This koala reminds me of my stuff animal when i was a toddler i had two actually, one who can wrap its arms around me (unfortunately its gone) and the other is really exactly like this... And it's still in my room! Awwwww...😍😍

this looks like my baby, Sophie. she does this to any kind of drink in this type of glass ♥

quelle heure ?!?... oh la la !... je vais être en retard !... (je suis pas sûre que le lapin était blanc...)