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I thought I was the only one who did that haha

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You remember when I asked for your opinion? Yeah, neither do I. | Reminders Ecard |

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You're always ahead of schedule when it comes to disappointing me. #ecards

You flipped the bitch switch, so sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the ride, asshole.

This fits for so many. I love it.

Community: 17 "Someecards" That Are Too Sassy For Their Own Good

ohhhh yep, that sounds right - Click image to find more Humor Pinterest pins

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Funny Workplace Ecard: Why is it acceptable for you to be an idiot, but not acceptable for me to point it out?

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2 of my favorite beverages -L-

Some people should use a glue stick instead of Chapstick. | Somewhat Topical Ecard |